Volunteer of the Year

2021 - UAlberta Museums Volunteer Honour Roll

The UAlberta Museums Volunteer Honour Roll was created to recognize individuals who have volunteered for registered museum collections during 2020, prior to, or during the Covid-19 pandemic either on campus (while still able to follow the appropriate health and safety guidelines), or working remotely. As applications will be considered based on individual merit, multiple volunteers have the potential to be included on the 2021 UAlberta Museums Volunteer Honour Roll list. 


To be eligible for the UAlberta Museums Volunteer Honour Roll, a nominee must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The nominee has made contributions to museums standard practice on campus in areas such as database management, collection management, facilitation of research and community outreach.
  • The nominee has worked towards a special task or project that has a significant impact on the operations, programs or services of one or more of the University of Alberta Museums’ collections.

Please note: Volunteer Honour Roll nominations can be made by University of Alberta Museums curators and staff only. 

 UAlberta Museums Volunteer Honour Roll Nomination Form