Museum Emergency Preparedness

Preparations Prior to Winter Closure 2022

To ensure that all spaces housing University of Alberta Museums’ collections are well-secured over the 2022 Winter Closure, Academic Curators, or designate, are asked to please perform the following before and/or during the Closure:

  • Designate an in-department staff member, preferably one who is familiar with the UAM collections spaces, who will be able to:
    • complete on-site checks of collections spaces in the event that you become unwell or cannot come to campus;
    • be an emergency contact for the UAM collection if the primary collections contact is scheduled to be away during the Closure. 
  • Inform your unit’s senior administration (e.g., Department Chair) as soon as possible of the following:
    • if any UAM collections spaces require building air, alarms, or lights to be left on during the Closure. Request that they forward this information to the Facility Services Supervisors by December 21, 2022.
    • if any in-department staff will be on campus at any point during the Closure for UAM purposes (e.g., to check UAM collections spaces).
    • the name(s) of your designated in-department backup emergency contact(s) for the UAM collection. 
  • Complete the University of Alberta Museums Off-Hours Emergency Contact Information form by December 21, 2022. This form takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Answers provided will be used by U of A Museums First Responders to communicate with the designated emergency contacts in the event of an emergency impacting their U of A Museums collection(s).
  • Conduct a walk-through of all spaces prior to the start of the Closure to ensure there are no outstanding issues, and to unplug and shut down unnecessary equipment.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are shut and securely locked; and ensure the alarm system (if applicable) is turned on.
  • At your discretion, complete on-site checks of your UAM collections spaces for the duration of the Closure at least once, if possible.
  • Read and follow all other applicable University of Alberta Winter Closure notices.