Drill Core Collection

A cardboard box divided into 7 linear sections, filled with hard, rock-like grey and black core sections.

The Drill Core Collection in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences was established with the gift of more than 6000 metres of drill core from Shell Canada Limited. Combined with the U of A's existing core collection, this donation helped form a comprehensive collection used for teaching and research. The collection of drill core originates mainly from the Precambrian basement of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, with a focus on core from Saskatchewan. The materials include carbonate, clastic, and evaporite sequences as well as shorter cores from the oil sands of Northern Alberta.

The Drill Core Collection is a valuable asset and greatly enhances Earth and Atmospheric Sciences' teaching and research programs. The support of Shell Canada has provided an important facility in which to train students in reservoir description and provides them with the opportunity to gain "hands-on" experience with subsurface core.


For access to the Drill Core Collection, please contact the Curator or Collection Staff.