Museum Loans

Museums and Collections Services (MACS) coordinates all incoming and outgoing loans of museum objects to the University of Alberta (UAlberta) as governed by the University of Alberta Museums and Collections Policy. MACS liaises with faculties, collections, other institutions, the Office of Insurance and Risk Management, the Office of General Counsel, Supply Management Services, Environment Canada, and the Department of Canada Border Services Agency to process loans.

If you would like to lend or borrow a museum object for research, display, education, conservation, or authentication purposes:

1. Review Loans of Museum Objects and Collections Procedure and the appropriate loan agreement form.

2. Determine if any of the following applies to the loan or requested loaned object(s):

a. Loan involves destructive sampling

b. Loaned object(s) falls under CITES or Canadian Cultural Property

c. Loaned object(s) is valued over CAD$100,000.00 and/or is culturally sensitive material

d. Loaned object(s) has conservation, security, insurance, or environmental requirements.

3. Submit loan information to MACS.