The Print Study Centre


The left side of the Print Study Centre, behind a semi-circle wooden table with a series of books on the surface and several shelving units in the background.

An interactive facility for teaching, research, and community outreach related to the print collection, the Print Study Centre opened in November 1996. A model facility for object-based discovery learning, the centre is located in room 3-78 on the third floor of the Fine Arts Building at the University of Alberta.

Since the 1950s, prints have been acquired through both donation and purchase, and include limited edition original fine art prints, drawings and printmaking tools. The collection also includes many works acquired as thesis requirements of the University's master of fine arts program.

Strengths of the print collection include:

  • Historical and contemporary Japanese, contemporary Canadian, and contemporary eastern European prints;
  • A selection of print portfolios by single and grouped artists; and
  • The body of works by University of Alberta printmaking students and instructors.

The Print Study Centre includes biographical information related to artists whose works are in the collection, as well as artist monographs and exhibition catalogues related to the Print Study Collection.

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