Interim On-site Evaluation

All students are visited or phoned at the job site by a Program Advisor (PA) or Employer Relationship Manager (ERM) at least once during a 4 or 8 month work term. During the interim onsite evaluation, your PA or ERM will complete an evaluation form documenting your title, location, supervisor, and the tasks you are performing in consultation with your supervisor. Your PA or ERM will discuss the evaluation form with you. It should provide you with good feedback as to how well you are doing.

Purpose Of The Work Term Evaluation

  • Enhance the understanding of the actual duties of the student and of the work environment.
  • Familiarize the supervisor with our evaluation process, and receive information regarding your performance on the job.
  • Evaluate the usefulness and success of the placement.
  • Encourage the supervisor to make continued use of the Co-op Program.
  • Offer assistance to the student and/or the supervisor with any aspect of the placement.
  • Discuss with the student his or her learning opportunities and professional development in the work environment.
  • Assist the student in the further clarification of his or her career objectives in light of the experience of the placement.
  • Allow the student the opportunity to express his or her feelings regarding the job.

In some circumstances, a second onsite visit may be required. For example:

  • A student's duties change radically during a work term.
  • A student requests and justifies the need for a second visit.
  • A supervisor requests the need for a second visit.
  • A placement is, in the judgment of the Co-op Office, less than acceptable.

Last Updated: May 27, 2022