Simphony.NET 4.6

Simphony was first developed in 1998 by Dr. Simaan AbouRizk and Dr. Danny Hajjar. Its successor, Simphony.NET, was developed by Dr. AbouRizk and Stephen Hague and continues to be enhanced and extended at the University of Alberta through Dr. AbouRizk's research program.

Simphony is a rich modeling environment that is composed of simulation services and a modeling user interface. It is based on modular and hierarchical concepts that provide a medium for deploying simulation modeling templates that are general purpose systems by design and, therefore, can be used to model any process. Other templates include fuzzy cognitive maps and special purpose templates for tunneling, earthmoving and fabrication plants. Simphony also provides a medium for fuzzy number processing, matrix manipulation, and statistical analyses. It also facilitates model extensions by enabling the user to write their own programming code using Visual Basic, C#, and other .NET programs. Simphony templates can be developed and deployed using Visual Studio and the Simphony platform.

Simphony can be used at no cost for educational and research use. Commercial use of Simphony may also be negotiated. Please contact for further details.