Survey and Reports

Surveys and Reports related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity at the University of Alberta.

Informed Progress

Each step forward requires a knowledge of where we have been and where we presently are. To achieve our equity, diversity, and inclusivity goals, the University of Alberta believes in taking deliberate action that is informed by the best available evidence and institutional data. On an on-going basis, the U of A will continue to evaluate its progress and report to the university community.

Workforce Diversity Census

At the University of Alberta, we know that our work takes place in a highly diverse society, and we recognize that a diverse university workforce is needed to generate the multitude of ideas and perspectives that enrich our research, teaching, learning, and service. That's why we are committed to fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce.

To assess progress toward this goal, we are conducting a demographic census to collect data on relevant equity, diversity, and inclusion measures. The resulting data will be used to conduct statistical analysis and to identify areas where we may not be meeting our desired objectives.


The initial survey will be rolled out in two separate administrations:

  • New staff and faculty will receive the survey in late September, 2019
  • All faculty and staff (excluding those already surveyed) will receive the survey in November, 2019

Moving forward, the U of A will conduct this survey every 3 years.

Data Security

Data collected via the Workforce Diversity Census will be held confidentially and securely, separate from formal employment records. For the purposes of conducting analysis only, data will be connected to relevant employment data using confidential, secure, anonymized staff identifiers (not official employee IDs). Access will be strictly limited to those who manage the U of A's equity census. Any publicly reported results will be limited to aggregated totals; that is, findings will only be presented for groups of people to ensure that no individual can be identified.


The census consists of a short set of questions to help the university understand how employees identify in each instance. Completing this census is entirely voluntary, and employees will have the option to decline to answer any of the questions.

The census will takes less than five minutes to complete.


Anyone with questions or concerns, is welcomed to contact for assistance.

U of A Databooks

Each year, the University of Alberta conducts a headcount of staff and students. This annual count is anonymous, and provides a snapshot of the number of employees by faculty, employee group, and staff agreement. The student data reflects the number of undergraduate and graduate students registered by full-time and part-time by faculty.

View the Databooks.