All voices are needed when we pursue the diverse ideas, knowledges, and perspectives that allow us to serve the public good.

Our Commitment

At the University of Alberta we envision and cultivate a community where equity and diversity are fundamental to inclusive excellence in learning, teaching, research, service, and community engagement.

Our Services

At the U of A we work together, with the guidance and support of our dedicated services, to create an environment that embraces a shared commitment to respectful engagement and human dignity.

Our Initiatives

Our faculty, staff, and students are championing the academic and organizational pursuits needed to weave equity, diversity, and inclusivity into the fabric of our culture on and beyond our campuses.

Fulfilling a Promise

The University has a long standing promise to uplift the whole people, and an even longer history of striving to support the equity, diversity, and inclusivity efforts needed to do so.


1908: The U of A opens its doors, providing education to women and men of any denomination.

1911: Decima Eveline Robinson is the first graduate of the U of A.

1928: President H.M. Tory makes the promise for the U of A to "uplift the whole people."

1980: Student Support and Disability Services is established.

1982: Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, & Technology (WISEST) is formed.

1990: The U of A's forms the Office of Human Rights.

1998: Archbishop Desmond Tutu gives the U of A's inaugural Visiting Lecture in Human Rights.

2005: Margaret-Ann Armour becomes the first Associate Dean of Diversity at the U of A.

2006: The School of Native Studies becomes Canada's first Faculty of Native Studies.

2008: The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services launches in the Faculty of Education.

2018: The U of A develops its first Canada Research Chairs EDI Action Plan.

2019: The U of A's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Strategic Plan is released.

2019: Florence Glanfield takes on the role of the U of A's first Vice-Provost (Indigenous Programming and Research).

2019: The U of A signs the Dimensions Charter in support of diversity research.

2019: The U of A conducts it's first Workforce Diversity Census.

2020: The Board of Governors approves a major revision of the Recruitment and Selection of Employees Policy Suite.

Building a Community of Support

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Education and Awareness

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National Commitment

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Surveys and Reports

Explore the latest institutional EDI reports and learn about our Workforce Diversity Census.