Institutional Initiatives

Learn about the equity, diversity, and inclusivity related initiatives being carried out at the University of Alberta.

Transitions Orientation welcomes international students to the University of Alberta.

A collective pursuit.

By embracing interdisciplinary academic and administrative initiatives, the University of Alberta is a community that cultivates equity, diversity, and inclusivity on and beyond our campuses. Institutional initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity at the U of A include:

Honouring Black History Month

Understanding where we are today and how we can move to a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow, starts with reflections of the past. Each February, we collectively listen, engage, and learn about our Black Canadian histories. Black History Month is a time for us to come together as a community to honour the contributions, achievements, and lived experiences of Black Canadians.

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Canada Research Chairs Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Action Plan

Developed in 2018, the University of Alberta's Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan helps the academy with effort to set, achieve, and exceed federal diversity and equity targets.

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EDI Awards

NOTE: The Office of the Provost is currently undertaking an EDI review of the award procedures under the Awards for Faculty Excellence, Awards for Teaching Excellence, and the EDI Awards. These awards are paused for the 2020/21 academic year.

The EDI Awards celebrate the U of A community members who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in their community service, research, workplace and/or classroom environments.

Education Abroad

The Education Abroad program creates opportunities for U of A students to pursue their studies while expanding their cultural experiences through international exchanges that take them around the world.

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Indigenous Initiatives

Indigenous Initiatives facilitates institutional collaboration and communication to support the development and implementation of programs, services and initiatives related to Indigenous engagement at the University of Alberta.

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International Student Orientation

Offered through collaborations with the University of Alberta International, the Office of the Dean of Students, Students' Union, Graduate Students' Association, Academic Success Centre, and Library Services, International Student Orientation aims to help incoming international students settle into the U of A environment.

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International Week

The U of A's annual International Week is a chance for faculty, staff, students, and members of the public to hear various perspectives from around the world while engaging in deep conversations about global issues.

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Intersections of Gender

A U of A signature area, Intersections of Gender is an academic hub focused on illuminating intersectional gender research, supporting interdisciplinary research collaborations, growing inclusive mentorship and teaching, and engaging communities across all sectors on gender + intersectionality.

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Lougheed College Lecture Series

The Lougheed College Lecture Series highlights some of today's most inspirational, influential, and innovative visiting scholars and practitioners of leadership, often with a focus on social justice and community building.

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Pride Week

Pride Week is a collective celebration of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals and communities at the University of Alberta. Our Pride Week community recognizes and embraces the origins of Pride as a political struggle for the rights, safety, and acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ people, many of whom live at the intersections of multiple forms of marginalization.

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Research and Innovation

The U of A is committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion across our research and innovation ecosystem. Ensuring that EDI is incorporated into our research programs and projects enhances outcomes, impacts and social relevance and better reflects Canada’s diversity, as well as the diverse and globalized world we live and work in.

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Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights

This annual program welcomes an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the field of human rights to the U of A where students, faculty and staff are invited to learn, question, and participate in a conversation about events shaping the world in which we live.

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Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology (WISEST)

For more than 35 years, WISEST has empowered women who are interested in or who want to seek out opportunities in non-traditional gender roles, specifically in the fields of science, engineering, and technology (STEM).

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