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Series Overview

Further your education and expand your professional portfolio within the environmental industry with specialized studies that offer official recognition from the University of Alberta. 

Sustainable land use relies on efficient and relevant reclamation through application of scientifically supported procedures. This series includes courses focused on soil and vegetative principles, land use guidelines and related regulations, soil classification, testing, and evaluation, as well as restoration and rehabilitation methods.  Environmental professionals will be provided with a variety of tools, techniques, and enhanced knowledge to successfully handle land reclamation projects.

These courses offer hands-on applications with real-world situations and responsive education. Students will enhance their professional skill-set and knowledge based on current research, regulations, and applications.

All courses in this series count for credit toward the Environmental Resource Management certificate program.

Series at a Glance


5 courses offered; 4 required.

Location & Format

2–5 days/course;
Edmonton and Calgary.

Series Structure

Complete all four
for your Land Reclamation series
Notice of Completion.


The courses in this series are recognized within the ERM Certificate and by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists as senior level agrology courses related to entrance into the profession and to augment core knowledge requirements related to a practice area in AIA.

Program Plan

Courses are scheduled over daytime, evening, and weekend classes, and schedules may vary by term. 

Once all four courses have been successfully completed, an official University of Alberta Notice of Completion will be issued:

  • EXERM 4297
  • EXERM 4264
  • EXERM 4265
  • EXERM 4281 or EXERM 4282

Each course counts for credit toward the Environmental Resource Management Certificate program.

Qualifications & Admission

There are no prerequisites or entrance requirements to take the courses within the series. Prior knowledge of content area, however, is recommended. Courses may be completed individually or within the series.

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis as you register for each course.
  • This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Courses Offered

Courses can be taken individually or completed together.  Register online or by phone at 780-492-3116 (toll-free 1-800-808-4784). You may also register by mail, fax, or in person.

Classes are held in Edmonton and Calgary.


    Talk to us for additional details: call the ERM Program Office at 780-492-5532 or 780-492-3158, or send us an email.


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