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The Speakers Bureau Online is a spin-off of the original program to connect with scholars and researchers through an online platform.

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The University of Alberta’s history is deeply rooted in its connections with the communities it serves throughout Alberta. We are proud of the thought leaders among our scholars and researchers as they present new and sometimes unconventional perspectives that inspire self-reflection and thought-provoking discussion.

The Speakers Bureau strives to connect these academic resources with community members who want to learn about research and initiatives, and their impact and relevance to everyday life. The Speakers Bureau provides communities with access to U of A experts on topical subjects to facilitate a high-level conversation and provide one avenue on the road to lifelong learning and discovery.

Our speakers are eager to connect in an environment where ideas are exchanged, dialogue is open and respectful, and the audience is engaged in the conversation. Subjects of discussion are educational, informative, and sometimes even transformative. The topics are as diverse as the wide range of expertise at the U of A, from indigenous children’s rights to elder care, from physics to wildlife ecology, from neurological trauma and PTSD to innovative therapies.

Check out our speakers and see what piques your interest. For more information, email Anastasia Lim or call 780-718-2275.

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