Emergency Preparedness Training

The Emergency Management Team provides training for all kinds of emergency situations.

Fire extinguisher training

Learn proper fire extinguisher use, including a practical session.

Guide to helping individuals at risk

Develop awareness of the signs and symptoms of an individual at risk and how to report the behaviour.

Crowd and traffic management

A brief introduction to traffic and crowd control principles and plans for U of A buildings, grounds and parking staff.

Shutgun training

Practical training on how to use and deploy Shutguns to stop accidental sprinkler release.

We're ready workshops

To facilitate communities in designing and implementing their own disaster plans through interactive and engaging community-building activities.


To train U of A community members to de-escalate encounters with angry, upset, or vulnerable visitors.

Automated external defribrillator (AED) orientation

A brief introduction to AEDs on campus and hands-on experience using an AED. Note: This is not a first aid course.

Crisis management training

An opportunity for classes to spend a day learning crisis management fundamentals and practising crisis management in a functional exercise.

For more information on these courses, email emergencymanagement@ualberta.ca

We can provide exercises, tabletop scenarios and emergency drills for units and special events. For our Crisis Management Team we also offer:

  • Incident Command System 100
  • First Responder Orientation
  • Crisis Management Team Orientation.
Get involved! If you'd like to learn more, email oem.manager@ualberta.ca.