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Reduction or mitigation is the most valuable part of emergency management. These are preventative actions and strategies to avoid emergencies.


Readiness or preparedness is planning and practicing for how we respond to emergencies. It takes the most labour to accomplish.


The phase of the emergency when the hazard exists and impacts are occurring. A well-prepared and practiced response lessens the impacts on students, staff, guests, property, and the environment.


The phase of the emergency where we restore what has been lost and return to normal. It is the phase of the emergency that lasts the longest.

Info about what the university does

Did you receive a U of A Alert?

  • Pass it on! The quicker everyone around you is notified, the quicker everyone acts. Not everyone has to wait for their own U of A Alert to arrive before taking action.
  • Follow the instructions. Depending on the event, for your safety you may be ask to avoid a specific building, remain indoors, take shelter, report suspicious activity to UAPS at 780-492-5050 or stay away from campus..
  • Unless you are directed to stop and leave campus, it is business as usual except for the affected area described in the alert.
  • Wait for UAPS to tell you if it's safe to re-enter a building or campus.
  • Not sure if classes and the work day are cancelled? Check the UAlberta.ca homepage.