Emergency Preparedness and Response

A Prepared University of Alberta For Tomorrow.

The Emergency Management Team has four missions:

  • To prepare pre-identified teams of skilled and experienced responders with plans and resources,for foreseeable emergencies that will require central coordination.
  • To ensure supervisors and leaders Reduce, Ready for, Respond to, and Recover from events that could interrupt research,teaching, events, or University administration; harm the University’s reputation or the environment; or cause fatalities or serious injuries; with effective tools, training, awareness, notification and advice.
  • To support a thriving student body experience that is student-led, risk-tolerant, sustainable, and encourages community and social development.
  • To be a leader for a more resilient and less vulnerable society through education, advice, and mutual aid.

Elements of Emergency Management

There are four critical elements of emergency management:

  1. Reduction
  2. Readiness
  3. Response
  4. Recovery

We refer to these elements as the "4 Rs." In an emergency, make sure you know  What you should do and What the University does.