Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Learning and Development

 The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion unit in Human Resource Services (HRS) offers a selection of formal learning opportunities for leaders, supervisors, and staff members. Visit the LearnCentre to view and register for upcoming sessions.

If you would like to request a customized session for your team, please send your request to hrequity@ualberta.ca.

EDI: What is it and why does it matter?

This session is an introduction to a selection of concepts central to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, including but not limited to: identity, intersectionality, power, and privilege. There will be opportunities for reflection on how systems of oppression and marginalization are produced and reproduced in our workplaces.

Overview of the EDI Strategic Plan

This session provides a high level overview of the strategy and identifies the responsibilities and goals outlined in the three year roll-out of the plan.

Recognizing and Addressing Bullying in the Workplace

In this session, participants will develop awareness and skill in identifying and eliminating bullying behaviours to create more respectful and psychologically safe working environments. The facilitators will lead an engaging and interactive introduction to key concepts; the conditions in which bullying behaviours may flourish; recognizing potential indicators; understanding the roles and responsibilities of managers/supervisors and other team members; and, introduce methods to address bullying behaviours in the workplace including those available at the University of Alberta.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusive work environments contribute to psychologically safe work environments, and align with the new Occupational Health & Safety Act. This introductory workshop will engage participants in conversations exploring what it means to be inclusive. Through interactive activities, self-reflection, and thoughtful discussion, we will consider our roles in creating an inclusive team environment. Together, we will answer the question: How do we continuously work towards creating inclusive workplaces?

From Bias Awareness To Action

If you have a brain, you have biases! Biases are shortcuts that help us to make sense of the world. Sometimes though, they can hinder our ability to be fair and objective, despite our best intentions. This three hour introductory workshop will provide an overview of what biases are; how they develop and are reinforced over time; strategies to identify what some individual biases might be; and, suggestions on how to lessen negative impacts on decision making and relationships with colleagues, students, and the public.