Donor Impact Report 2022

We are change makers, community builders and world shapers.

Advancing diversity. Connecting communities with their cultural identities. Bolstering the fight against global diseases. These are all examples of how you made a difference this year. Your gift to the University of Alberta opened doors for students and researchers to realize their potential, and connected you to a community dedicated to solving the world’s most complex problems.

Your generosity is creating positive change. Because of you, we continue to make innovative advancements towards a future that is safe, resilient, healthy and equitable for all.

Thank you.


Students socializing

One person can effect real change

As one of the first Black law grads from the U of A, Lionel Jones never let discrimination hold him back on his journey to becoming a judge renowned for his compassion, patience and fairness. That’s why the people who knew him best created the Lionel Jones Memorial Endowment in the Faculty of Law. Like you, they share a passion for creating change. Together, you are ensuring the next generation of leaders will face fewer barriers and have more opportunities to excel. Read more


Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership

Championing a future for cultural identity

Respected Elders, such as Mary Cardinal-Collins, are working to protect and revitalize Indigenous languages in their communities. The Supporting Indigenous Language Revitalization (SILR) project can now support Indigenous nations and communities, in programs such as the Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership (pictured above), thanks to your funding of programs like this. Donors like you are helping us build stronger community ties, creating exciting opportunities like connecting future generations with their cultural identity. Read more


Oncology researcher Michael Chu

A new era of precision medicine

Imagine if you could re-engineer your immune system to target and attack cancer growing in your body. With donor support, a new clinical trial led by U of A clinical researcher Michael Chu is doing just that. His innovative work, made possible by donors, is one of many ways in which your generosity continues to shape the future of personalized patient care. Read more


Together you gave $144M to help build a stronger Alberta and a better world.

Here’s what donors supported in 2021-22*:



You advanced research, innovation and discovery, and helped attract talented faculty.


You enhanced teaching, experiential learning and student research opportunities.

Student Awards

You reduced financial barriers for students and helped them achieve their potential.


You transformed our campus through new and enhanced buildings, labs, libraries and learning spaces.

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Thank you for being part of our community of generosity.



donors gave to the U of A in 2021-22



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U of A faculty and staff gave in 2021-22



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President Bill Flanagan President Bill Flanagan

“This world — and our university — has been challenged like never before. At the University of Alberta, we generate the solutions that make us healthier, safer, stronger and more just. Supported by our donors, we will always be seeking, always be challenging and, most of all, always be leading with purpose. Thank you for helping us build a brighter future.”

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*This report highlights donor impact from the University of Alberta’s 2022 fiscal year (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022).

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