Legacy Giving


It truly is the gift of a lifetime.

Making a legacy gift to the University of Alberta allows you to build the world you want to see for future generations. For Lillian Upright, creating her legacy means making sure that the music still plays for years to come.

Lillian dreamed of performing on the piano since she was a little girl but it wasn’t until she was in her forties that she started studying piano at the University of Alberta. Lillian would become the first person at the U of A to receive a doctorate in piano performance.

A gift in her estate to rehabilitate Convocation Hall at the University of Alberta will help ensure that other promising musicians get the performance experience they need to realize their highest potential. And Lillian’s legacy will be realized as she helps others to realize their own musical dreams.

Whether your legacy will be helping students succeed, being part of game-changing research or, like Lillian, helping make dreams come true, a planned gift could allow you to achieve more with your donation.

Unlike a gift given now, a planned gift allows you to invest in those areas you believe in without affecting your current financial resources. And, with careful planning, a legacy gift can even allow you to make a much larger gift than you could have otherwise -- and it helps minimize taxes for your estate.

Choose your area of support — from athletics to libraries to student aid to research. We'll help you gain immediate and deferred tax advantages for both you and your heirs.

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