Donor Impact Report 2021

This year brought big challenges. Donors helped communities find the resilience to overcome them.


Donor gifts to the University of Alberta this year made sure that people and communities stayed strong. When the pandemic hit, business student Keilin Morrison’s summer work plans fell through. She received two donor-funded scholarships, which allowed her to focus on her studies and extracurricular activities, like volunteering to help classmates take care of their mental health. Morrison also started a business to help small firms shift to online sales.

Donors also ensured that research, teaching and community outreach continued to thrive. They sparked new ideas that will drive the recovery ahead, while securing social, cultural and economic prosperity for generations to come.

Together, we will rise stronger.


Rising innovation

Donors accelerated the work of researchers like Hyo-Jick Choi, who is racing to get his antiviral masks to health-care workers. Donors have allowed Choi and his team to accelerate their work and secure manufacturing partners from the private sector, which will put the masks in the hands of health-care workers sooner. Read more



Rising students

Donors helped thousands of students like Viktoria Grynenko continue their studies through a year of uncertainty. Donors helped students, many of whom had lost income, cover costs associated with remote learning, such as laptops and webcams, childcare, groceries, and accommodations if they had to self-isolate. Read more



Rising research

Donors advanced vital research, including the development of vaccines. U of A virologist Michael Houghton received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine last year. Donor support helped bring the world-renowned researcher to the U of A — and with him, the momentum and expertise to disarm the most challenging viruses of our time. Read more



Rising community

You helped some of the most vulnerable survive and thrive through tough times. Corey Wyness, left, is the coordinator of OUTpost, a drop-in day shelter for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and young adults, like twins Brianna and Zeke Tyhy. This donor-supported program is part of the Community Health Empowerment & Wellness Project, an initiative of the Faculty of Education. Read more



Rising teachers

Donors advanced knowledge by supporting coursework and community outreach. Faculty of Native Studies professor Shalene Jobin leads an initiative that supports Indigenous communities and groups to revitalize their own ways of making decisions — one of many reconciliation efforts that donors support. Read more


“Our greatest strengths often shine through in times of change and uncertainty. Over the past year, you have demonstrated unwavering generosity that has helped our students and researchers continue to create long-term positive change in the world. Thank you. Together, our future is bright.”


When donors give to the University of Alberta, they build a strong province and a better world.

Here’s what donors supported in 2020-2021*:



Donors advanced research, innovation and discovery, and helped attract talented faculty.


Student Awards

Donors reduced financial barriers for students and helped them achieve their potential.



Donors enhanced teaching, experiential learning and student research opportunities.



Donors transformed campus through new and enhanced buildings, labs, libraries and learning spaces.



Donors are a community of generosity.



Donors who gave to the U of A in 2020-21



Donors who have supported the U of A each year for the past five years



U of A faculty and staff who gave in 2020-21


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*This report highlights donor impact from the University of Alberta’s 2021 fiscal year (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021).

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