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Congratulations Team UAlberta!

Congratulations to Simran Dhillon, Adarsh Badesha and Ajaypartap Gill, winners of the University of Alberta’s local competition in 2019-2020. The winning team addressed Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-being. The three undergraduate students from the Faculty of Science proposed a much-needed technology to test fentanyl at the street level. With the $10,000 prize, they will combine a fentanyl strip with a syringe, and conduct a pilot project in collaboration with community partners already addressing the opioid crisis. 

Read Tackling an epidemic in the midst of a pandemic: UAlberta students propose a solution to combat the opioid crisis.

Felicitations to the teams that placed 2nd and 3rd in the 2020 World’s Challenge Challenge!

Second Place

Emily Zehnder and Simran Ghoman from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and Dongjun Li from the Faculty of Arts

Focusing on Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 4, Good Health and Well-being and Quality Education, this team has created a game called RETAIN to help train healthcare providers to decrease the number of preventable newborn deaths worldwide. This unique simulation-based board game focuses on neonatal resuscitation and is being translated into many languages.

Third Place

Sandy Xu from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Farouq Sadiq and Daniel Nguyen from the School of Business

Focusing on SDGs 11 and 12, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Responsible Consumption and Production, this team is diverting bruised fruits and veggies from landfills to use in smoothies. This project offers a sustainable business model in partnership with local supermarkets and food-focused non-profits.

It starts with one idea, one discussion. Who knows where your ideas may lead?

The World's Challenge Challenge invites student teams to propose an innovative solution to a major global issue. Thanks to the Lee Global Education Awards, the team with the best proposal will win $10,000 to make their solution a reality and will represent UAlberta at the Global Finals at Western University, with a chance of winning an additional $30,000.

The World's Challenge Challenge is an exciting way to engage in discussions about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the complex global problems that they seek to overcome. It challenges the university community to be a source of new ideas and inspiration and brings together active global citizens who seek to make a positive and tangible impact on the world.

WCC 2020 UAlberta Winners, Simran Dhillon, Adarsh Badesha and Ajaypartap Gill

“Through our experience with WCC, we have been able to work collaboratively to create a life-saving solution for drug testing on the street level. This opportunity has strengthened our ability to make necessary impacts within our community on a local, national, and international scale in regards to SDG 3 Quality Health and Well-being. Together we hope to continue working towards equal access to life-saving resources for all individuals.” - UAlberta WCC 2020 team


UAlberta"Our experience with World's Challenge Challenge has been an amazing catalyst for our aim of creating environmentally-friendly feminine hygiene products. With a focus on UN Sustainable Development goals 5 (Gender Equality) and 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), we hope to make a global impact." - UAlberta WCC 2019 team
UAlberta Team: Syeda, Raeha and Ronja, at World

"Meeting World’s Challenge Challenge participants from around the globe and learning of their innovative solutions to important world issues were incredibly inspiring and strengthened our desire to aid diabetic refugees with our project." - UAlberta WCC 2018 team. 

UAlberta Competition Prizes

  • 1st Place: $10,000 and a trip to Western University (including airfare, hotel, and meals) to participate in the Global Finals.
  • 2nd Place and 3rd Place: Education Abroad Individual Award (valued at up to $3,750) for each team member to be used towards an international learning experience

International Competition Prizes

  • 1st Place: $30,000 CDN
  • 2nd Place: $15,000 CDN
  • 3rd Place: $7,500 CDN

Who can participate?

This competition is open to all University of Alberta students: undergraduate and graduate, from any faculty, full and part-time. We encourage your team to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds or areas of study. Teams of two to four members are accepted, ideally from different disciplines.

How does it work?

Each team must submit a statement of interest, briefly outlining the problem and their proposed solution. Teams will receive feedback on their statement of interest and have time to further refine their idea before submitting a more detailed proposal in early December. A maximum of 21 teams will be selected to present their proposals during a semifinals competition in February. From there, a maximum of 9 teams will move on to the final UAlberta competition in March. The winning UAlberta team will present their idea at the Global Finals in London, Ontario, in June. 

Information Session, October 22, 2019: View the presentation. 

Check back this fall for the 2021 competition timeline. 

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