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University of Alberta Board of Governors

The Board includes 21 members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and the Minister, consisting of students, staff, alumni, and public.

Objective 21 pin on a table in the Governance Offices

21. Objective (For the Public Good)

Encourage continuous improvement in administrative, governance, planning, and stewardship systems, procedures, and policies that enable students, faculty, staff, and the institution as a whole to achieve shared strategic goals.

Annual Plasma Car Derby

Raising funds and team spirits!! University members and campus partners combine efforts in support of the U of A's United Way of the Alberta Capital Region. See the 2019 Teams. Donate today!

Board Governance

The Board has senior oversight of the institution; it concerns itself with the long-range planning and the business affairs of the institution.

Examples of its role are the approval of the mandate, the budget, tuition fees, financial statements, investment policy, collective agreements, and the appointment of the President.

Academic Governance

General Faculties Council, subject to the authority of the board, is responsible for the academic affairs of the university.

Examples of its role are granting degrees, approval of the academic plan, academic programs, academic policies, academic calendar, academic awards, and hearing & determining student appeals.

Judiciary Governance

Judiciary Governance provides neutral, third-party support for the GFC Boards and Committees which deal with student academic standing and discipline appeals.

Governance in the Community

2019 UA Plasma Car Derby | Friday October 25 | Noon-1 pm on Social Street | Get Involved Today!

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AMA volunteers bringing "road-side assistance" to plasma car fleet & drivers!

University Governance, Adopt a Planter

Red Tie Gala - 2017 Awards of Distinction

Darlene Bryant and Marion Haggarty-France receiving the Rising Star award on behalf of the University of Alberta.

Darlene Bryant and Marion Haggarty-France receiving the Rising Star award on behalf of the University of Alberta.

Governance Education

Governance 101

Next Session: February 3, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Council Chamber
(Room 2-100 CC)
2nd Floor, University Hall