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Board of Governors

"With my experience at the City of Edmonton, I am convinced that, working together, a great city and a great university ensure that we are best positioned to succeed as the future unfolds."
[Michael Phair, Chair of the University of Alberta Board of Governors / By News staff on February 25, 2016].

General Faculties Council

“GFC operates under the principle of collegial academic governance including:

  • A commitment to inclusive and participatory governance decision-making
  • A desire to facilitate meaningful individual-level engagement in governance processes
  • A commitment to openness, transparency, and respectful communication
  • A commitment to responsiveness, respect, and reciprocity between governing bodies
  • and between governing bodies and university administration”

[Final Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Governance Including Delegated Authority – April 21, 2017]

Why Get Involved?

As a member of the University of Alberta, you can participate in an active, collegial role in board, academic and judiciary governance!

Do you wonder how decisions are made at the University of Alberta? Would you like to learn more, and actively engage in the decision-making process? Want to make a positive impact for future generations of students and staff?  Through your leadership and committee contributions, you will work strategically with fellow colleagues, undergraduate and graduate students and administration to realize university committee mandates.

Qualities of a member actively serving in university governance:

  • serves the ‘institution’, not their particular constituency group
  • willing to establish and realize a shared purpose for the institution, now and into the future
  • believe in the guiding governance principles (Objective 21) and the strategic vision for the University of Alberta -- For The Public Good!

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