Graduate Program Manual

The Graduate Program Manual assists departments in managing graduate programs. The manual is a compilation of procedures and guidelines for the administration of graduate programs, plus policies that have been approved by the appropriate governing bodies of the University of Alberta.

Readers should refer to the Graduate Program Manual and the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) website when managing and administering graduate programs. When in doubt, readers should refer to the applicable policy statements located in the University Calendar or the UAPPOL, which contain official policy statements of the University regarding academic programs.

The online Graduate Program Manual is updated 7 to 10 days after meetings of the GPS Council.

Section 1: Areas of Responsibilities Related to Graduate Programs

Section 2: Student Recruitment and Enrollment Management

Section 3: Financial Aid and Awards

Section 4: Fees

Section 5: Admissions

Section 6: Program Planning and Registration

Section 7: Administration of Graduate Programs

Section 8: Supervision, Oral Examinations, and Program Completion

Section 9: Disputes and Resolutions

Section 10: Intellectual Property