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Choose UAlberta

Unique in the Crowd: Making a Difference in the World

UAlberta is not merely a place to study or where finding the perfect job is the singular focus of post-secondary institutional learning.

UAlberta is a pioneering and progressive environment where faculty, students and staff come together to embrace the values of learning, share knowledge, and find solutions for our ever-changing complex world.

Improving the Human Condition

By choosing UAlberta, you will be among an extraordinary group of committed, accomplished and passionate people who have dedicated their lives to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and improving the human condition.

UAlberta is home to:

  • Canada's first successful open-heart surgery;
  • The discovery of a gene-TRIM22-that can block certain forms of HIV and may one day be used to prevent the onset of AIDS; and
  • The globally recognized Edmonton Protocol pancreatic islets transplantation, reducing the need for insulin injections, for years at a time, for Type 1 diabetics.

A Most Noteworthy Neighbourhood

UAlberta is doubly nestled between Edmonton's River Valley and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site only four hours away. Ours is a neighbourhood of innovation, collective ambition and creativity.

Discover the City of Edmonton: Canada's historic Gateway to the North.

Excellence in Teaching

FGSR Quick Facts

  • 7,600 graduate students
  • 500+ graduate programs
  • 360+ master's programs
  • 170+ doctoral programs