Clearing Admission Conditions

After accepting your admission offer, use the following required steps to clear your admission conditions:

Please refer to your official admission letter provided in your GSMS Application Portal to review the condition(s) of admission and your document submission deadline.

Option 1: Physical Documents from Institutions

Institutions can provide an official certified hard copy with a fresh-ink institutional stamp of your documents and send them directly to us in a sealed envelope to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

If English translations are required, and your institution does not provide English documents, English translations must be a literal word-for-word translation of the original; no information may be left out, altered or added. These translations must be fresh-ink stamped and signed by an official, verifiable translator.

These documents can be sent to the following address:

Graduate Admissions

Killam Centre for Advanced Studies

2-29 Triffo Hall

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

T6G 2E1

Option 2: Electronic Documents from Institutions

We may accept e-documents directly from the institution if the documents are sent to GPS directly from the registrar’s office or equivalent from the issuing institution to the following email address: The documents must be clear, readable and sent in a PDF format. Please ensure your name and seven-digit U of A student ID number are included in the email(s).

To accept an e-document directly from an institution, we must be able to verify that email address on the institution’s website.

Note: We are unable to accept any emailed documents for clearing conditions directly from students.

Option 3: Digital Verification Platforms

We can accept documents via the following digital platforms. This is a fast and accurate way to get the documents to us.

Document Guidelines

Each issuing institution sets its own parameters. If you have options for the following fields, follow the guidelines below:

  • Name: Use your full name (first and last).
  • Deadline: Ensure the document is accessible to us for a minimum of six months.
  • Email: Have the document sent to
  • PIN: If you are asked to set a PIN, please send it via email to this address ( immediately after ordering your transcripts to ensure we have the information we need to open your document.


There could be additional information on your admission letter about GPA or program requirements. These requirements are generally managed at the department level. Check with your department if you have any questions about the requirements related to GPA, academic standing or completion of certain courses.