Updates on College academic integrity and scheduling and timetabling functions

Greta Cummings - 11 July 2022

For the past few weeks, the College of Health Sciences and our faculties, as well as other colleges, have been engaged in process mapping workshops to begin transitioning academic integrity and scheduling and timetabling functions from faculties to the college. This work involved a great deal of time commitment and thoughtful input from faculty subject matter experts and faculty leaders. We are grateful for their engagement in taking the existing variety of processes in each department or faculty and developing a single approach that will give students and staff a similar experience regardless of college, faculty or department.

We will now work with individual faculties to discuss the CHS-specific potential exceptions for further analysis, while recruiting for new positions to support this work at the college. We encourage anyone who is interested in these positions to apply.

Over the coming weeks, as our processes continue to develop and key positions are recruited, hired, and in place, we will move into the implementation phase of both academic integrity and scheduling and timetabling functions at the college. We are committed to processes that ensure strong continuity of services as these functions transition, and we will continue to work with faculties to make sure the transition is seamless.

Thank you to all of our colleagues who have been engaged in this important work. We look forward to seeing these functions operational by fall, and will continue to engage with faculties on the best way to move forward.