History and Classics

Undergraduate Programs


You can earn:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or minor in History, Ancient & Medieval History, Classics, Greek or Latin, designed to provide students with a diversified education and specialization in these areas.

  • A Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in History, Combined History and Another Discipline, Combined History and Classics, Classics, Classical Languages, and Classical Studies providing specialization in these areas in greater depth than is provided in the BA program and demanding a higher standard of academic performance.


Associate Chair (Undergraduate)

Jaymie Heilman
2-23 Tory Building
(780) 492-0609


Honours Advisor (History) & Ancient and Medieval Studies (Academic Advisor)

John Kitchen
2-16 Tory Building
(780) 492-3063


Honours Advisor (Classics)

Selena Stewart 
2-80 Tory Building
(780) 492-0857


Undergraduate Advisor 

Lia Watkin
2-28 Tory Building
(780) 492-3270

Questions: watkin@ualberta.ca