STARS Air Ambulance

How can STARS help?

Finding the Patient

The STARS Emergency Link Centre® is a 24-hour communications centre facilitating emergency medical response, referral and transport within Alberta and some portions of neighbouring provinces. The emergency number is 1-888-888-4567 or 1-403-299-0932 (from Iridium Satellite Phone) or #4567 (from a cellular phone or a GlobalStar Satellite Phone). To find more information, see STARS Emergency Services.
If in Alberta, pre-registering a worksite with STARS will significantly reduce the number of questions that will be asked at the time of an emergency call in. See STARS details on registering a worksite. 
STARS now gives Landing Zone Instruction to customers. There is a STARS Landing Zone Instructional Video as well as a Land Zone Card.   

STARS-Related Frequently Asked Questions

Does STARS fly to the Northern United States?

No, STARS is not able to fly into the United States.

If researchers from the U of A are working outside of Canada, can they register with STARS (the Arctic, Northern US) and call them in the event of an emergency, even if they don't send the helicopter?

Yes, STARS can provide limited services. Secure the local emergency numbers of where you are travelling.

Does U of A have to pay to register their site? What is the benefit of registering my site as opposed to just calling the 1-888 number in case of an emergency?

No, non-profit organizations are exempt from the $5.00/day registration fee for the temporary work-sites. By registering your site you will answer 25 questions when you register, not at the time of the emergency, saving valuable time.