Access to Information

The University of Alberta, through its administrative and academic units, routinely provides information to the public. An official access request for information which can be routinely released to the public is not required.

Informal Process

Begin the process for requesting information with an informal request to the department you believe may hold the information required. Describe the records requested to the FOIP Liaison Officer in the Department. You will be assisted in your request and told whether the information is readily available or if you will be required to submit a formal request under the Act.

Formal Process

When an informal request to access information is denied, a formal application can be made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Generally, such an application must be in writing. However, certain provisions apply that enable an applicant to make an oral request if required. An application form is available from the Information and Privacy Office or you may click on this link to print an application form. Application Form

  • Submit a formal application for the requested records to the Information and Privacy Office.
  • Provide enough detail to enable the university to identify the records.
  • Indicate whether you want a copy of the record or to examine the record.
  • Attach payment for the required Fees.
      • No initial fee for a personal request for information
    • $25 initial fee for a general request for information (paid by cash or cheque - made out to the University of Alberta - or electronically*)
  • The Information and Privacy Office may contact you to clarify your request.
  • The university must make every reasonable effort to respond to a request no later than 30 calendar days after receiving it, unless specific exceptions apply that warrant an extended period of time for the University to respond.


* Electronic payments may be made online.


An applicant may request the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner to review any decision made by the university that relates to a request.

Please use this consent form, if you wish to give someone else access to your information.

To give authorization to someone else, to make all decisions about your personal access request, please complete this form.
We will be contacting you to verify the information and confirm who the records should be released to. 



July 16, 2021