Information and Privacy Office

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Who Are we?

The Information and Privacy Office (IPO) helps students, staff, and the public about the operational impact of privacy legislature and to answer general questions on how the University will collect, use, disclose and protect your information. Common requests we can assist you with include: 

  • Requests to access information
  • Requests to correct personal information
  • Best Practices in compliance with privacy legislature

The (IPO) was established to ensure the effective implementation and administration of the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection fo Privacy Act. This office coordinates the university's response to requests for access to information and assists in the preparedness of the university to the requirements of the Act. The office also provides assistance in relation to complying with the Health Information Act. The mandate of the office extends to: 

  • Advising on policy development with regard to access to information and protection of privacy
  • Ensuring procedures are in place to protect personal information and to provide access to information upon request
  • Providing education to departmental staff on appropriate responses to privacy legislation
  • Assisting individuals in request for information to records held by the university

For any inquires please contact