Disposal of Personal Information

Disposal of personal information should be carried out in a secure manner and in keeping with the approved records retention schedule and process for the university and the classification of records under consideration. The university's Records Officer can also provide guidance in relation to setting up a records retention and disposition schedule for a university unit.

1. If you are going to shred paper records containing personal information, see the SMS Preferred Supplier Agreement Contact List for Merlin Shredding.
2. If you need to dispose of electronic equipment that may have personal information or other university information on it, the Equipment Asset Disposal/Retirement Procedure states, as follows:

"All electronic equipment must be sanitized prior to disposal in accordance with IST security standards. If disposing of computer hard drives and other data storage devices, the unit must contact SMS (Surplus Disposal) to ensure that confidential information and site-licensed software is appropriately handled prior to disposal.

Electronic equipment is disposed of through the university computer recycle program. SMS will consult with the unit, determine the disposal method, and inform the unit whether it will need to remove any confidential information and site-licensed software. For example, if IT equipment is to be disposed of by e-Waste, the unit is not required to clear the information or site-licensed software as the hard drive will be destroyed during the disposal process."

August 2019