Student Assignments - Posting of Grades

Posting of Student Grades

Student grades are personal information and therefore the posting of grades in any format that can lead to the identification of the individual is an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy.

The posting of grades by student ID number, particularly for small classes may be problematic. It is possible for students to identify individual class members in such situations.

It is recommended that students be directed to access their own grades through Bear Tracks and the posting of grades be kept to a minimum and only for large classes where the listing can be scrambled alphabetically.

Collecting and Returning Student Work (assignments, examinations etc.)

Examinations, assignments and other graded student work contain personal information and should not be publicly viewable or available.

Examinations, assignments and other student work should be collected directly from the student and returned directly to the student, or where this is impractical, should be returned in a secure manner to prevent viewing by other parties.

Information and Privacy Office
January 2014