6 Steps to Success

1. Leadership: Start by finding a leader, building a team

Tips and ideas

  • Obtain necessary approvals from school and district administration. Requirements might vary depending on your school district. Please contact your school board and inquire for more details.
  • Consult the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Community Gardens Handbook: Set goals and identify a group (page 9)
  • Assess your readiness with the "idea readiness tool"
  • Approach parent councils
  • Create a team, have school-based health champions involved
  • Have gardeners and organizational leaders on your team

2. Engage with the community before you start planning/building your garden

Tips and ideas

3. Planning your garden

Are you planning a vegetable garden, an ornamental garden, a container garden, an indoor garden, a tower garden, or want to use micro-green trays with a light source?

Tips and ideas

Here are resources that will help you to plan your garden:

4. Build your garden

Tips and ideas

5. Maintain your garden

Think about watering, weeding, garden waste and composting.

Tips and ideas

6. Harvest

Teach food and garden lessons.

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