Academics without Borders

Academics Without Borders' (AWB) mission is to support capacity development in tertiary education in developing countries, so these countries can educate their own experts and professionals necessary for their development. The University of Alberta is a member of AWB.

AWB carries out its mission by supporting projects in institutions of higher education in developing countries, by working with talented and committed people there, who are initiating and sustaining institutional growth and change. It does this by sending academic volunteers to support these local initiatives.

Call for Proposals: First Stage Submissions - For capacity building projects in an institution of higher learning in the developing world

This call for project proposals is limited to the member institutions of the AWB Network of Canadian universities and colleges, which includes UAlberta. It is important to note that while the project is proposed by faculty or staff at a Network institution, accepted projects become “AWB projects” and AWB is involved in all stages of development and implementation.

You are invited to submit a proposal introducing a capacity-building project in an institution of higher education in the developing world to AWB.

This call for project proposals is designed to build on established relationships between you and your colleagues at an institution of higher education in a developing country. The existing knowledge, networks, and trust between you and the people with whom you have worked contributes to sustainable change.


Deadline: November 6, 2020

If you would like to participate, please contact: 
Dan Fredrick
University of Alberta International

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