Academics without Borders

Academics Without Borders' (AWB) mission is to support capacity development in tertiary education in developing countries, so these countries can educate their own experts and professionals necessary for their development. The University of Alberta is a member of AWB.

AWB carries out its mission by supporting projects in institutions of higher education in developing countries, by working with talented and committed people there, who are initiating and sustaining institutional growth and change. It does this by sending academic volunteers to support these local initiatives.

Stories about previous UAlberta-AWB Projects

Call for Project Proposals

The AWB Network provides its members with a range of benefits, one of which is to provide to you the opportunity of introducing a project.

AWB is not a funding agency but a nonprofit organization that mounts projects in partnership with universities in low and middle-income countries.

Our fundamental operating principle is that our partners in the developing world must themselves identify the areas in which assistance is needed and they take the lead in project design and implementation. We assist our partners by providing the expert volunteers necessary for these projects. After the volunteers have completed their assignments, it is these institutions, themselves, which sustain the projects’ activities.

You are invited to submit a proposal introducing a capacity-building project in an institution of higher education in the developing world to AWB.

Given the uncertainties regarding international travel during the course of the pandemic, in this call for project proposals, we will prioritize submissions that can be implemented in whole or in part online.

Your proposal must conform with AWB’s mission and operating principles and be in countries in which AWB works (see the full proposal application details).

It is important to understand that even though these proposals arise through this call for project proposals the resulting projects are partnerships between AWB and the developing world institution. Should you act as a volunteer on the project you propose, you would do so under the auspices of AWB. Although, the AWB Network institution has no formal role in the project, benefit often accrues to the institution by virtue of the volunteer’s participation and through unanticipated relationships that are formed during the course of the activities.

Submission deadline: November 8, 2021

If you would like to participate, please contact: 
Dan Fredrick
University of Alberta International

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