Three faculty members receive Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals

Tim Caulfield, Eric Adams and Andrew Leach have been recognized by the province of Alberta

Lauren Bannon - 21 February 2023

The Faculty of Law is excited to announce that Professors Tim Caulfield and Eric Adams have received Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals this February. These medals are given to outstanding Albertans who have contributed significantly to Canada, the province of Alberta or to a particular Alberta region or community.

“I was surprised, honoured and thrilled to receive this genuinely uniquely Albertan award,” says Caulfield, who is being recognized for his work on health and science policy, specifically for his efforts to counter the spread of misinformation regarding these subjects. “This province has been so good to me, and I feel a very strong connection to Alberta, which makes the award extra special.” 

“This was a thrill and an honour,” says Adams, who is being recognized for bringing a deeper understanding of the Crown within the Canadian constitutional context and parliamentary systems to students and the public. “The public education work I've engaged in over the past many years has been challenging, but I regard it as critical to the health of our politics that the public remains deeply engaged and informed on the important constitutional issues of our time.” 

This follows Professor Andrew Leach's Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal, which he previously received from MLA Marlin Schmidt in recognition of climate change work and public engagement on energy and environmental issues.

“I was thrilled to be recognized for my work on environmental policy, and for my public engagement,” says Leach. “The role of academics in communicating beyond our classrooms and beyond the pages of academic journals has always been important to me, and so it was really nice to see that validated with such an honour.”