Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway

Lawyers who have obtained their law degree outside of Canada and wish to practice law in Canada can take advantage of the Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway. This UAlberta Law initiative provides an avenue for completing the NCA accreditation process and prepares internationally educated lawyers to enter the Canadian legal profession.

The pathway is uniquely tailored to each student. It offers NCA Candidates the opportunity to complete NCA required courses in a supportive, in-class environment at an accredited Canadian law school instead of completing the NCA administered examinations through self-study. With successful completion of the courses, students can use their University of Alberta transcripts to apply for a Certificate of Qualification.

Students in the Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway are considered NCA Special Students and take courses for credit. These credits do not lead towards a degree or diploma at the University of Alberta or any other institution. Students may register in one or more courses in keeping with the NCA Assessment Report. Academic training in core NCA subject areas includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Canadian Constitutional Law

  • Canadian Criminal Law

  • Canadian Administrative Law

  • Foundations of Canadian Law

  • Canadian Professional Responsibility

  • Contracts

  • Torts

  • Property

  • Evidence

  • Corporations (Business Organizations)

Additional offerings include courses taught by widely recognized faculty, law practitioners, and judges as well as a course schedule built specifically for you by the NCA Coordinator. Students in the Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway also have access to the Career Services office.