Co-Training in Canada

Steps to invite a foreign national from German partner universities

Prior arrival:

To invite a foreign national please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment

Login to: UAlberta Immigration Management System

For details on how to use this new IMMIGRATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, refer to the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment User Guide and Tips sheet.

IRTG visiting students are categorized as self-funded researchers.

Immigration Services will assess the information and provide you with instructions. You will need to create and submit the required forms and payment to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Once a response is received from CIC, Immigration Services will contact the department with further directions. For further information about inviting a foreign national under the International Mobility Program, please visit the frequently asked questions.

Step 2: Complete the required documents as directed by UAlberta Immigration Services and send them to your visitor. Keep a copy for your records.

Accommodations: Best to check with current U of A graduate students. Those who have stayed in Edmonton thus far have all found a place to stay via student networks. Plan in advance. This can take some time.

Upon arrival:

- Register the visitor at the Academic Visitors Office following their instructions:

If you have questions, contact:
Diane Rogers
Academic Visitors Office
1-03 SAB (South Academic Building)
University of Alberta

- Keys to the lab

- Get a CCID, OneCard and email address (This can be conducted at the departmental level once the Academic visitor office has the departmental signed form for the visitor)

- Go over lab policies regarding safety and working alone in the lab. Ensure the student has had WHIMIS training, for the research conducted in your lab. Add personnel to biosafety form. (See