Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are senior-level studies that explore special topics and perspectives in music. These courses, which vary in subject matter from year to year, are available to both graduate and undergraduate students and focus on unique subject and perspectives in musicology, ethnomusicology, theory and harmony, instrumental literature, composition, music technology, and popular music.

Students from other departments and faculties are invited to join us in these special topics to complement their chosen course of study or to expand upon their understanding of music and its broader social, sonic, and historical impact.

A current listing of this year's special topics are available below. For further information on course content, please consult the instructor directly. 

Graduate Course Listing 2024-2025

How it Works: Eligibility and Registration

  • Course numbers starting with 4xx courses are for undergraduate study, while slash courses (ie. 4xx/5xx) denote courses that are open to both undergraduate and graduate enrollments.
  • Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in slash courses will need permission of the department prior to enrolling.
  • Course listings on this page that are followed by an asterisk (*) show all topics open to undergraduate students.
  • Courses labeled as 6xx are available to graduate students only.

Once you have identified the variable topic(s) you are interested in and eligible for, you must then access BearTracks to verify that the course number and schedule is correct. All courses are subject to schedule and content changes, however BearTracks will list all current course information.

To find variable topics in BearTracks, go to "Search for Classes" and ensure that you have selected "Show Open Classes" in your query.

The department strongly recommends that you consult your Academic Advisor and the Director of Graduate Programs before enrolling in any variable topic course.