Recitals might be a required part of your program. You might also be interested in give a non-compulsory recital. Here are guidelines for booking one of our performance venues for a recital.

Recital bookings are made through the Department of Music general office. Please contact the Department at 780.492.0601 for booking information, or visit the reception desk.

Please provide the following to the Music Office:

  1. The proposed date and time of the recital.

  2. The program repertoire, the names of other participating musicians, the name of your supervising instructor or professor.

  3. For juried recitals, a signed Juried Recital Form (must be signed by the student, instructor and area coordinator)

If you wish to have a your recital recorded, please refer to the 'Recordings' section below.

Venue Availability

Department of Music operates two performance venues on campus: The larger neo-classical Convocation Hall (426 seats) and the modern and intimate Studio 27 (70 seats).

Junior recitals primarily take place in Studio 27. Senior and Graduate Recitals typically happen at Convocation Hall. There are exceptions in either case.

Due to the high demand for Convocation Hall, availability for this venue for student recitals is granted on a priority basis: Graduate and Senior recitals are considered first, with requests for Junior and non-compulsory recitals considered approximately half-way through each term (after October 15 for Fall term; after February 15 for Winter term).

Studio 27 booking requests are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis across all degree levels.

In either Convocation Hall or Studio 27, performers may book up to two (2) hours of rehearsal time for a junior or non-compulsory recital, and up to five (5) hours of rehearsal time for a senior, graduate recital. Rehearsal time can be spread over 2 or 3 days.

Note: Most venue booking requests are initially placed in the schedule as a First Hold, to be checked by the production office against other venue and resource needs. The vast majority of First Holds are confirmed. You should expect a confirmation of your recital date fairly soon after placing your request.

General Rules

Recital start times are typically at 5pm and 8pm each day, with a 2pm slot added on the weekend days. Bookings usually include the one hour period before start time, to allow for setup, soundcheck, etc. For example, if your performance starts at 5pm in Convocation Hall, you will likely have access to the hall at 4pm.

Non-compulsory recitals may be displaced to accommodate departmental needs, and recitals are not scheduled on statutory holidays. Technical support may be limited on long weekends.

Required student recitals must be completed no later than the last day of classes.

Cancellations or postponements are allowed only in cases of illness supported by a physician's certificate.

The Arts Lounge outside Convocation Hall must be requested separately at the time of your recital booking if you wish to use it for a reception.

Stage Managers

Students are expected to provide their own Stage Manager and, with the exception of technical staff, any other required staging or venue staff.

Recital Programs

The coordination and printing of student recital programs are the responsibility of the student. Recital programs must be printed within established parameters to present a consistent and professional profile. Please use the electronic program template, available here. The template includes an example on the second page of how your recital program should be organized.


Keys for Convocation Hall may be obtained from the Department of Music general office on a temporary basis for your recital and related rehearsals. Details are available at the reception desk.

Venues must be left tidy before you leave following your rehearsal or recital. There are specific places for specific items. "Neutral" Instructions and a storage map are posted backstage in Convocation Hall and on the wall in Studio 27-please follow these to a "T".


To arrange for recordings of recitals, auditions, grant submissions, etc. in Convocation Hall, Studio 27 or other locations, please contact Russell Baker ( or Patrick Strain (, or call the Production Office at 780.492.2247.

The fee for high-quality archival audio recordings of compulsory recitals is $100, a special flat rate available only to students. Other technical services are available- video recording, audio/video recording for auditions and other submissions, concert sound reinforcement-all delivered at a professional standard and with student-friendly rates.

As per degree requirements, graduate students are required to submit a recording of compulsory recitals to the Department, and these will be included in the University of Alberta Music Library archive. There are no fees for compulsory graduate recital archival audio recordings.

Transporting instruments and other large items

In some cases, the Department of Music Equipment Assistant can arrange transportation of large instruments, percussion or other equipment such as carts of music stands. In certain circumstances there is no charge for this service, such as if a compulsory recital must be moved off-campus due to venue availability. For more information, please contact Graeme Peppink at .