Language & Program Requirements

Informed degree planning is vital to keeping your studies on track and your graduation on schedule. Please be advised that throughout the year and prior to registration, students must remain informed of their program requirements and credit loads and stay-up-to date on any changes to Music course offerings.

Program Requirements

Please find the academic requirements for each of our master's degree programs in the right-hand sidebar of this page.

Language Requirements

The following graduate music programs have language requirements:

  • M.A. (Course- and Thesis-Based)

    A language approved by the student's supervisor (should be completed before the thesis/capping project is completed).

  • M.Mus. (Choral Conducting)

    A language approved by the student's supervisor (should be completed before the final essay is undertaken).

  • D.Mus.

    One language other than English (should be completed before being admitted to candidacy).

  • Ph.D.

    • Two languages other than English, appropriate to the student's area of research and approved by the supervisory committee
    • Must be completed before the qualifying (written) and candidacy (oral) exams
    • Any language proficiency established in the course of previous graduate work will be credited toward this requirement

NB: Music students are encouraged to complete their language requirements as early in their program as possible.

Fulfilling the Language Requirement

1. Complete course work or a translation exam (through the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies). For further information, please consult the MLCS website.

*Coursework used to meet the language requirement cannot be more than 3 years old.

*Coursework undertaken in previous degrees can be used to meet the language requirement as long as it has been completed within 3 years

*Note that coursework undertaken to fulfill the language requirement cannot be used as credit towards the program (i.e. to fulfill an option requirement).

2. Provide documented fluency in a language relevant to the student's research, acquired either as a native speaker or through study in that language. Note "study in" implies documentation of academic study conducted in a second language, not of that language. The student's supervisor is responsible for initially determining the relevance of the language to the student's research and should fill out a language approval form and submit it to the Graduate Administrator (*the student should provide this form to their supervisor).

3. Graduate Language Proficiency Examinations are available through the Department of Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.

*The student should inform both their supervisor and the Graduate Administrator as soon as their language component has been completed.

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