Financial Aid & Awards

The Department of Music awards approximately $150,000 per year in scholarships and awards, though scholarship amounts may vary from year to year. Please check with your undergraduate advisor for up-to-date information on Music scholarship amounts.

It should be noted that the majority of our scholarships are awarded automatically to current and incoming students based on the Department's consideration. The Beryl Barns Memorial Undergraduate Award, however, is awarded based on application only. If you are interested in applying for the Beryl Barns award, please read on below for more information.

Other Awards, Bursaries and Fellowships

The student population-at-large is eligible to apply for many other scholarships outside of the department. The University administers bursaries, scholarships, and fellowships, which are awarded primarily on the basis of academic standing. Please see the Student Awards Office website to view terms and conditions, as well as application procedures and deadlines.

  • Beryl Barns Memorial Undergraduate Award

    Beryl Barns Memorial Undergraduate Award

    Applications are invited from current full-time students (minimum 24-credit course load) in the B.Mus. program and incoming students who have been accepted into the program. Students in the combined B.Mus./B.Ed. program may apply for this award, however they may only receive this award while registered in the Faculty of Arts.

    Awards of up to $2000 will be made to outstanding students on the basis of achievement in practical studies (keyboard instruments, orchestral instruments, voice) or for continuing students in music composition, as demonstrated in the applicant's CV and the following recommendations:

    • Performers: recommendation of the relevant area on the basis of audition performances, or (for continuing students) end of year juries, or juried performances.
    • Composers: recommendation of the Composition area faculty on the basis of evaluation of the current year's compositional work.

    Satisfactory academic standing of at least 3.3 in Music courses is required. Incoming undergraduate students will be expected to possess a high matriculation average. Departmental recommendations will be made by the Department's Beryl Barns Award Committee.

    Duration of Awards

    A grade point average of 3.3 in Music courses will be expected in each year that the award is held. Each award is granted for a single year but is renewable to a maximum of four years at the undergraduate level, pending recommendation on the basis described above. Awards will be terminated if the student's enrolment status ceases to be full-time or if the Beryl Barns Memorial Awards Committee deems the student's overall performance in her/his program to be unsatisfactory.

    Application Requirements (new applicants):

    • A letter of application (one page maximum) including contact information and professional goals.
    • A current curriculum vitae

    Application Requirements (renewing applicants):

    • A letter of application (one-page maximum) including contact information and professional goals.
    • A current Curriculum Vitae.
    • All materials must be submitted together in a single envelope, bearing your name and program, using the following format as an example: "Beryl Barns Memorial Undergraduate Award Application for Jane Doe, B.Mus. in Ophicleide Performance."

    Application Deadline:

    Completed applications must be received in the Music Office by April 15th. We accept applications as of March 15.

    Submit completed applications in a single envelope to:

    Beryl Barns Undergraduate Competition
    Department of Music
    University of Alberta
    3-82 Fine Arts Building
    Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2C9

  • Department of Music Awards


    The following awards do not require an application. Current students will be considered automatically by the Department of Music. Several are available to incoming students (normally through their undergraduate audition). In the list below, you will find certain awards that are targeted to specific instruments or academic areas.

    Please see the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards for terms and conditions of these and all other awards.

    List of Available Awards and Scholarships

    Abigail Edith Condell Memorial Scholarship in Music ($1,500)
    Alberta Baroque Music Society Scholarship in Music ($1,250)
    Alwaez and Rashida Nazarali Scholarship in Ethnomusicology (undergraduate or graduate, $500)
    Beryl Barns Memorial Awards (variable to $2,000)
    Bessie Brooks Winspear Scholarships (4 at $1,000)
    Charles Gale Memorial Scholarship ($750)
    Edmonton Composers' Concert Society/David Roxburgh Award in Composition (undergraduate or graduate, $500)
    Edmonton Musical Club Scholarship in Music ($1,500)
    Edmonton Opera Guild Award ($2,000)
    Edna and John Bullock Memorial Scholarship ($1,250)
    Ernesto B Lejano Scholarship in Piano Performance ($1,000)
    EZ Rock 104.9 FM Prize (2 at $1,000)
    Hrapko Family Scholarship in Music ($1,000)
    John Newman Memorial Scholarship for Performance of Contemporary Music ($1,500)
    Judy R. Shelley Memorial Scholarship in Classical Piano ($1,250)
    Leeder Memorial Scholarship in Voice ($600)
    Lloyd Thomas Award in Music ($2,000)
    Lois Field Scholarship in Music Education ($500)
    Marek Jablonski Prize ($500)
    Margarita Heron, Pine Lake String Prize ($250)
    Margo Fraser Memorial Scholarship in Music (undergraduate or graduate, $2,500)
    Marion Wray Lauder Memorial Scholarship ($500)
    Mary Stinson Prize in Piano Accompaniment ($1,250)
    Peace River Pioneer Memorial Scholarships in Music (1 at $1,500; 9 at $750)
    Richard Eaton Singers Scholarship in Voice ($2,000)
    Richard Eaton Scholarship in Music ($4,000)
    Sergei Eremenko Scholarship in Violin (use of the EH Roth 1949 violin)
    Universiade '83 Scholarship (3 at $2,000)
    Vienna Opera Ball Society Scholarship ($1,000)
    Varagur Vaikunta and Sarada Srinivasan Memorial Scholarship ($500)