Micro implants could restore standing and walking

Biomedical engineering researcher Vivian Mushahwar is developing spinal implants that could one day restore the ability to stand and walk in patients with paralysis.

Mission Possible — Finding a Cure for MS

The answer lies in uniting researchers, clinicians, patients and community partners in a concerted, coordinated effort.

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) is a University of Alberta translational science institute whose goal is to foster research collaborations and partnerships across the academic and health care systems in order to help facilitate the translation of research into better health care.

The NMHI is home to over 150 scientists and clinicians, spanning across all areas of neuroscience and mental health. Our scientists and clinicians are dedicated to discovering how the nervous system functions, the basis for disease and to translate these discoveries into improved prevention and treatment options for individuals impacted by neurological and mental health related diseases and disorders.

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