Prospective Students

Application Process

To apply for the neuroscience graduate program, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research application page.


Applicants must have a supervisor and funding in place before they can be accepted into the neuroscience program.

To facilitate this, it is strongly recommended that applicants contact potential supervisors to provide information about their research interests and determine whether the supervisor would be willing and able to supervise their graduate program. Applicants do NOT need to apply to the program before they begin contacting supervisors.

If an applicant has not contacted supervisors during the application process, NMHI will circulate the completed and approved application to the faculty members that the applicant is interested in working. Please note that students are MUCH more likely to be successful if they contact potential supervisors directly with details on their research experience, CV and transcripts.

Acceptance by a supervisor does not guarantee admission into NMHI. The final decision for admission comes from the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR). NMHI will submit the application to FSGR on the applicant’s behalf when the following requirements are met:

  • A supervisor has been secured.
  • Funding has been secured.
  • The application has been approved by the graduate coordinator.