The CONNECTIONS website and book launch coming soon!

Exhibition dates and location:
August 6 – October 2, 2022, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted paintings, photographs, neuroscience images, poetry, sculptures, multi-media artwork and other forms of expression that are in line with the CONNECTIONS theme. 

Launched by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) in 2021, CONNECTIONS is a project showcasing the relationship between art and neuroscience, portraying the many aspects of neuroscience, brain diseases and mental health in a creative and compelling way. Artists, scientists and persons with relevant lived experience were asked to submit artwork that related to this theme.

As a multi-disciplinary research and teaching institute at the University of Alberta, NMHI is home to over 150 scientists and clinicians dedicated to discovering how the nervous system works, what causes neurological and mental health disorders, and to developing new treatments and advancements in clinical care.

From the neuroscientist to the patient, the carer and the clinician, NMHI believes that true and meaningful progress means everyone working together to understand, share, and empathize in order to promote connections, advance science, support each other and improve the life of those with neurological and mental health conditions.

Aside from showcasing the relationship between art and neuroscience, the CONNECTIONS project will help to support research at the NMHI. 

Selected artwork and images are being curated for the CONNECTIONS project, which will be rolled out in stages:

Stage I: online gallery hosted on the NMHI website 
Stage II: special edition book available for online purchase and printing 
Stage III: live exhibition, limited edition set of prints and fundraising event to support research at the NMHI (Summer/Fall 2022, pandemic and other conditions allowing).

Stage I and II will showcase artists and their artwork through an online platform. Artwork showcased at the exhibition/fundraising events (Stage III) and the limited edition set of prints will be offered for sale at a silent auction (upon agreement with the contributors) to raise funds to support research at the NMHI. For each original artwork sold, the contributor/artist will receive an amount agreed upon ahead of time by the artist and the CONNECTIONS organizing and art curation committee.

Artwork and images selected as part of the CONNECTIONS project will participate in a Popular Choice Contest, with online voting and the following prizes: 1st place, $500; 2nd place, $250; 3rd place, $100.