Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your admission requirements? What are the deadlines to apply? How do I apply?

Please visit the Application Deadlines page for more information.

What if I don’t have a biological sciences undergraduate degree?

Students with a wide variety of post-graduate degrees apply to and are admitted to the neuroscience program. If applicants are accepted to the program but lack sufficient neuroscience background, they may be required to take one or more undergraduate courses (as extra to degree) which will provide a stronger knowledge base.

I already have a Master’s degree. Can I be admitted directly into the Neuroscience PhD program?

Students with a Master’s degree may be eligible to apply directly to the PhD program. To learn more, email the graduate co-ordinator with your information.

I do not see specific GPA and other requirements for the MSc and the PhD. What are the requirements for my specific degree?

GPA and other application requirements are the same for both the MSc and the PhD, unless otherwise noted.

How do I find a supervisor for my studies?

Finding a supervisor is the most integral part of gaining admittance to the neuroscience graduate program. Applicants may meet all of the requirements but without a supervisor NMHI cannot offer admission.

Applicants are much more likely to secure a supervisor if they email potential supervisors directly (attach transcripts and CV) to confirm whether they can accept a new student rather than if their application is circulated after it is approved by the graduate co-ordinator.

NMHI recommends that applicants review the members list to find a potential supervisor whose research interests match their own. Prospective students may want to find a supervisor prior to submitting their online application to save the $10 non-refundable application fee in the event that they are unable to find a supervisor.

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What scholarships are available?

Please review the Funding and Scholarship page for more information.

What do graduate studies cost?

Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's Fees and Registration page for more information.

I am a graduate student in a University of Alberta department other than neuroscience. Can I transfer to your program?

Transfer student applications are administered similarly to new student applications. For further information, please email the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute with the details of your specific situation and reasons for requesting to transfer.

Can I visit your campus?

Yes. Please see the UAlberta admissions website for further information.