About New Trail

About New Trail

New Trail was founded in 1920 as The Trail to help U of A grads stay in touch with their alma mater and the university. One hundred years later, with more than 290,000 alumni all over the world, we have a lot of stories to tell.

Our award-winning magazine is published three times a year in print and 10 times a year digitally. With each issue, we harness the minds of UAlberta researchers, storytellers and all-around big thinkers to kindle our readers’ curiosity long after they graduate. We dig into meaty topics like the future of energy and artificial intelligence and share expert advice from our alumni. We like to reminisce, too, and hope that when grads pick up an issue of New Trail, or read a story online, they get a whiff of CAB cinnamon buns or a glimpse of Quad during Welcome Week.

New Trail is distributed free of charge to all alumni in both print and digital forms. If you’re not receiving it, or want to change how you get it, please update your information here. (Non-grads can also subscribe to our digital version.)

Whether you graduated five years ago or 50, New Trail reminds UAlberta grads why you came to university in the first place, and it offers you a way to reconnect to the student within.

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As Canadian journalism has descended into crisis, with local publications shutting down and major outlets shrinking staff and circulation, we realize that you need reasoned, thoughtful, educational content more than ever.

That’s why we want to send you New Trail free of charge. And we hope you enjoy it. But creating and distributing New Trail does have a cost to the university. We are grateful for the generous donors who believe in the mission of New Trail and help support it through their gifts.

Please join the group that makes New Trail possible with a generous donation. Every dollar you can give will inspire, provoke curiosity, and challenge the intellect of more Canadians.

Make your contribution today. If you are able to give monthly, it will multiply your impact significantly.