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New Trail magazine

New Trail is the award-winning magazine for University of Alberta alumni. Three times per year it reaches 135,000 readers in Alberta and across the world. Our readers are originators and problem-solvers, entrepreneurs and neighbours, volunteers and leaders. As the publication that reconnects them with the curiosity and excitement they felt when they were students, New Trail is uniquely positioned to help you engage with this group of readers.

New Trail digital

Our New Trail digital publication, which we fondly refer to as NTD, is sent to 105,000+ alumni by email 10 times a year. As the younger sibling of the print magazine, NTD shares the same DNA - curiosity, the love of a good story, depth of thought, eclectic tastes. It's fun and funny but also smart. It explores the world with the kind of intellectual rigour and energy that reflect the lively minds of our alumni.