Graduate Programs and Admissions

Master of Nursing Program

The Master of Nursing (MN) program was established in 1975. In 2007, it was revised to ensure graduates are well prepared to assume advanced practice roles. Course planning has taken into account: the complexity of the health care environment; an aging population; increasing prevalence of chronic diseases; health workforce demands; advances in the pedagogical process; and changes in the regulatory environment. 

The MN program aims to prepare graduates to:
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge in advanced nursing practice
  • Engage in reflection, to think critically, and to act with scientific integrity in scholarly endeavours
  • Facilitate the learning process and participate in activities that influence health and healthcare policy
  • Understand the interaction of the nursing profession with social, political, economic, and historical forces 

All MN students may choose to complete a Thesis or Course-Based program. Students can complete the following in our program:

  • MN NP (Clinical Focus): leading to entry-to-practice as a Nurse Practitioner (Adult)
  • MN NP (Clinical Focus): leading to entry-to-practice as a Nurse Practitioner (Family/All Ages) 
  • MN NP (Clinical Focus): leading to entry-to-practice as a Nurse Practitioner (Neonate)
  • MN-focused on one of the following areas: Teaching, Research, Leadership, or Community
  • Specialization in Aging
  • Teaching Certificate
  • Post MN certificate (leading to entry-to-practice as a Nurse Practitioner (Adult, Family/All Ages, or Neonate)) for those who already possess a MN

To read more about our MN program and planning your program, please see the Masters Program Description page. Additional important information on graduate studies at this university is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website (see also FGSR Scholarships and Awards).