Grants & Awards

PDFA Travel Awards

The PDFA is now accepting applications for the Travel Award for presentations at conferences in Winter/Spring 2023 (January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023).

Funding Opportunities for Postdocs

The University of Alberta Postdoctoral Fellows Office provides a list of funding opportunities for postdocs, including:

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Canada's most prestigious postdoctoral award, the program provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants who will positively contribute to the country's economic, social and research-based growth. Each year, 70 fellowships are awarded, each worth $70,000 per year (taxable) with a duration of two years (non-renewable).

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial / Grant Notley Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Killam Scholarship and Prizes were established in memory of Izaak Walton Killam by his wife, Dorothy J Killam, to support advanced education and research at five Canadian universities and the Canada Council for the Arts, and are available for most fields of research.

Neuroscience Fellowships

The purpose of the Dr. Rowland and Muriel Haryett Neuroscience Fellowship is to attract outstanding scientists to the University of Alberta to conduct postdoctoral research in neuroscience. Two awards are available annually. Fellowships are awarded competitively based on the strength of the candidate, and the excellence of the research proposal and laboratory. The supervisor must be a member of the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI).

Avadh Bhatia Women's Postdoctoral Fellowship

The award is conferred to a woman who is a recent PhD graduate with a demonstrated potential for excellence in physics research. It was established by the late Mrs. June Bhatia in memory of her late husband, Professor Avadh Bhatia.

Theoretical Physics Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship

This competitive fellowship is aimed at a recent PhD graduate (within three years of PhD degree) in theoretical physics with demonstrated potential for excellence in research.


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