Call for a new PDFA logo!

07 November 2022

Hi everyone!

This year the collective agreement between the PDFA (Postdoctoral Fellows Association) and the U of A Board of Governors has been a great success. We look forward to more opportunities that will serve the postdoctoral fellows at the U of A. Thank you to each one of you for your support towards each other and for the association!

To celebrate this achievement, we would like to launch a design competition for a new logo for the PDFA.

Here are the guidelines for the logo:

  • Must include at least one of these names – PDFA or Postdoctoral Fellows Association.
  • Can include names like U of A, Edmonton, University of Alberta.
  • Should capture the diversity of the PDFA community and their contribution to science and community.
  • The text can be in lower-case or upper-case alphabets.
  • Can use any colours, font size and spacing.
  • Must have 600 dpi or more resolution and preferably be submitted in a vector file format (.ai or .eps). Other formats are welcome too!
  • Each submission should be accompanied by a description (~250 words) describing the elements and ideas captured in the logo and why it is a better logo than what the PDFA currently has.
  • To encourage collaborations between our postdoctoral fellows, the PDFA will add 10 extra votes for every proposed logo that is submitted by more than one postdoctoral fellow.
Please email your submission to by November 30, 2022. Once we receive the submissions, the community of postdoctoral fellows will have a chance to vote for the winner. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize and a certificate of appreciation.

Note: If there are no submissions or none of them are eligible to be voted on, PDFA will choose to keep the original logo.